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With a share of almost 36,8% of the overall energy consumption, the building sector is one of the largest energy consuming sectors (and related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions) in Ukraine. The main reasons for the inefficient use of energy in buildings are:

  • Lack of technical know-how on energy efficiency in buildings by communal authorities, planners and engineers.

  • No financial incentives for implementing energy efficiency measures for investors and end users.

  • Information about energy efficiency options is often incomplete, unavailable, expensive and difficult to obtain.

  • Lack of robust, detailed and up-to-date bottom up assessments of energy savings in buildings and related GHG reduction opportunities.

On the other hand the building sector has more potential to deliver quick, deep and cost effective GHG reductions than any other sector. Significant emission reduction can be achieved by increasing the energy efficiency in buildings through readily available technologies, design, equipment, management systems and alternative heat generation.